Owning Your First Client Meeting As A Wedding Planner

As many up and coming planners know booking an event can be extremely difficult especially when there are thousands and I mean thousands of planners to choose from. This is why it is especially important that you come ready and prepared to your first meeting with a potential client. The first meeting will be your make or break moment, this is where the client decides if they want to move forward with your services or keep looking around. This post is here to help book that client.

Questions to ask your wedding clients

1. The first step is before you actually get to the meeting, it's more of a mini pre-game huddle with yourself. This is were you get all your nerves and anxiety out the way. In this step you also want to make sure that you come dressed for the part. This means that you want to look professional. You can come dressed in a nice pantsuit or a dress that isn't too revealing. You want to make sure that you aren't making the client feel uncomfortable. Also in this step, you want to bring a pen and notebook, any previous work that was done to show the client as well as some business cards.

2. One of the first things that you want to ask the client is the what? Who? and Where? These question will cover the venue, guest count and time. This information will be the foundation of your planning.

3. Ask them if they have any vendors. If they do have vendors make sure that you get all of the vendor contact information in case any changes need to be made to an order. This is also neccessary to have in the event of an emergency the day of the wedding. Having this information will help you determine how much vendor sourcing you need to do in the planning process.

4. Find out what they enjoyed at other weddings so that you can incorporate those elements into their wedding.

5.  Make sure to ask your clients what theme or colors that they are thinking about. This information will help you when you begin the designing of the event.

6. What are their absolute must haves? It's important that you ask this question so that you leave room in the budget for these things. For example, if your client wants a photo booth you would set aside $400 in the budget to go towards the photo booth to make sure it is not spent elsewhere.

7. Ask the client if they have a backup venue. This comes in handy when the client's first choice is booked on their preferred wedding date.

8. One of the most important things you want to ask about is the BUDGET $$ this is one of the most important questions you can ask because it determines what you have to work with to bring their vision to life.

9. Ask about any food allergies or any food preferences. For example, you have a couple that identifies with being vegan in this case, you would not want to present them with any BBQ caterers.

10.  Last but not least you want to ask them what services they are looking for. They may only need a coordinator the day of the event instead of having a full planner. It's important that clarify this before you begin to do any work.

These are not all of the questions you can ask your potential wedding clients in the first meeting, but they are the ones I feel are important. I hope this information was helpful to you all and good luck on your future meetings.