I Had A Margarita Party....

It was a long and crazy day and by crazy I mean running around in Los Angeles traffic to get materials for a party that I would be having. As most of you don't know my birthday was Thursday, Feb 2nd and I spent it in Seattle with my boyfriend. Seattle had been on my list of places to visit for a while, so I thought my birthday would be the perfect time to  make the trip. Since I would be gone for my actual birthday I wanted to do something fun with my family before I left and the idea of a margarita party made everyone excited. This is how we got to that long crazy day.

I made the trip to Bevmo in Lakewood, Ca to purchase the tequila and mixers that would be used to make the drinks. That part of the trip went by pretty fast, it was the next stop that took awhile. Across the street from Bevmo is a newly built Hobby Lobby and that demanded my attention for the next hour. After spending my time in there browsing through every aisle I found a beautiful white picture frame for my margarita sign that I purchased from Party Box Design. Speaking of my margarita sign I then headed to Walgreens where I had it printed for the event.

Once I got home I began setting up my bar and waited for everyone to arrive. Once they got there we decided that everyone would come up with their own drink recipe instead of following recipes online. This made for some very interesting drinks. I decided that I would only share the recipes for the drinks that were good.

Spiked Mango Lemomade 

2.5 oz Tequila

1.5 Mango puree mixer


half a cup of lemonade

Place in Belnder and blend until it reaches your desired consistency

Pour in glass and enjoy!

Peach Margarita

2oz of triple sec

2 oz of tequila

3/4 cup of watermelon puree mixer

1 cup of ice


<alt>margarita party, party box design, the party chix>  
<alt> margarita party, the party chix, party ideas>  

Sad to say that we only had 2 successful drinks lol, but it was really fun experimenting with the different flavors and spending time with family. If you are looking to have a small gathering, and want to make it fun I highly suggest throwing a margarita party. P.S please don't judge my less than perfect pictures I'm learning.

Also dont forget to get your margarita sign and all your other party needs over at Party Box Design

Adehrra Edwards-Gray