New Year's Eve Party On A Budget


While we all love the beautiful wedding and event pictureswe see all over Instagram and Pinterest, some of us know that we don't havethe funds to afford the rental and decor pieces to achieve those looks. This is where we have to get creative and figure out how to still make an amazing party for our guest, so Today I am here to show you how to host a party on a tiny budget.

There are only a few things you need to have a really fun party and that includes drinks, (alcohol of course!) food, music and a place to take great selfies! I promise if you include all of these elements your guest will have a great time and be lining up for your next social gathering.

Mimosa Bar/Bubbly Bar

Bars of any kind are really the in thing right now, so we decided to create the mimosa bar or what we called it that night "the bubbly bar". We knew that none of our guest had experienced the “D.I.Y” bar before and we figured it would be a fun way to serve drinks at the party. It gives the guest a fun way to customize their drink, making this an interactive experience for them. A bubbly bar also gives the party planner the chance to add some nice decor to their event by decorating the bar to match the style of the event. At our event we stuck with the traditional black and gold New Years’ colors, but you can choose to add your own creative spin and even a backdrop to the table. If you're someone that really likes the decor of events I would suggest a backdrop in place of a plain wall. I would’ve loved to have a backdrop to my table but budget constraints wouldn’t allow it.



Products Used

8ft Black Table Cloth: $ 8 I & O Party Rentals

Plastic Champagne Flutes:$16 (4 pcks of 6) Walmart

Drink Stirrers: $3.99 (12pck) Cost Plus World Market

4 Small Serving Dishes for Fruit -under $10 for all of them - IKEA

Cook’s Champagne: 7.99 at Target

Juice: We used Pineapple Mango, Orange and Cranberry Juice

Mimosa Bar Instructions: $4.00 Order in our shop

Picture Frame for Instructions: Free! Used one around the house

Ice Bucket: Amazon $15.99 (Link Below)


Photo Area

Up Next... the photo station! Everyone and I mean everyone loves a good place to take picture and this is especially true of New Year’s Eve. Everyone is dressed cute which makes it the perfect time to post a selfie to Instagram. This part of the party is really easy to achieve all we did was purchase a back drop from amazon (link below) and used push pins to keep it up. We also added some cute props that were purchased on amazon as well (link below). The photo area really did turn out to be a big hit and a place for people to capture their picture for the night.


Food is always important at any event and it was no different that night. To save cost we cooked the food ourselves (everything made from scratch too!)and we went with an Italian theme.




-Stuffed Jalapenos

-Spinach and Artichoke dip



-Fettuccine Alfredo


-Krispie Kreme Doughnuts


-Bubbly Bar

-Apple Cider


      Food Cost: Average $200

I hope that sharing my experience will help you in the future. And although New Year’s has passed , it’s never too early to start planning for next year! Always remember it doesn’t have to be expensive for a party to be fun.

Adehrra Edwards-Gray