Valentine's Day Ideas 2017

With valentine's day around the corner, it's the perfect time to begin planning a special day for you and your love. If you're anything like me then you enjoy having different experiences with your special someone.  Even though dinner at a restaurant is nice, it doesn't really blow your socks off. So I’m here to give you some alternatives and hopefully make your Valentine's day one that you will never forget.

Here are 4 date ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

valentines day 2017


A staycation is a good alternative to traveling a far distance when the time just isn’t there. It's something that I have always really enjoyed. When I used to live in Las Vegas my boyfriend and I would always stay at the different hotels on the strip because it was usually inexpensive. My advice for doing a staycation is to make sure you stay somewhere better than average.  Don’t book a night at the local Residence Inn or Embassy Suites, you want to go all out and get the best hotel possible. I mean it's only one night right? I’m talking 4 seasons status, and yes I know the 4 seasons is expensive, but this is why you save ahead of time. Once you're there make sure that you spend time together (not on your phones). Take this the time to relax, order some room service and maybe get a massage.

Helicopter Ride

Now, how cool would that be to go on a helicopter ride? It's not every day that you get to experience something like that.  Before, I continue,  if I can be completely 100 % honest, this is something I wouldn’t enjoy. I would really want to enjoy it because it would be so cool, but I am deathly afraid of heights, and anything high in the sky. Moving on and taking myself out of the equation, I think this would a great idea for those of you that aren't scary like me lol.  This is a great idea for couples that enjoy sightseeing because you are able to see the city from above and I’m sure that's a beautiful sight. If you're in the Los Angeles Area and want to go for a helicopter ride check out Elite Helicopter Tours. You can ride over Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles for only $160. For more info click here

Valentine's Cruise

A cruise! Now, this is something I would love. How romantic would it be to have a nice intimate dinner with your significant other while cruising the ocean? The hornblower is a charter yacht with ports all along the California coast with one in New York. These yachts can be rented out for all different sort of events but on Valentine’s Day the company host 2 different cruises. One is a five-course dinner that includes a candlelit table and a glass of champagne at the cost of $149.00. The second cruise is more my style and that is the brunch cruise. I mean who doesn’t love a good brunch and then you add the yacht that makes it even better. The brunch is 2 hours and includes a buffet with free flowing champagne and cider. If you aren’t in an area where they have the Hornblower yachts, you can look online and see if there is an equivalent cruise in your area. For more info click here

Cooking Class

Taking a cooking class is a perfect way to bond. It’s such a fun interactive experience and different from just cooking at home. This is a great option for a couple that loves to cook good food and even better for a couple that can't cook at all ( you can learn together). These classes are usually inexpensive and can be found all the time on Groupon.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope that you like the ideas I have shared and if you have any ideas of your own please list them in the comment section below. Happy Valentines Day!